That second CD is what we strive for - the ability to deploy your product seamlessly and effortlessly, consistently!

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Simplified Deployments

Integrated apps with hooks that process and deploy on commit!

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Purchase Domains

We take care of your entire deployment, including domain management! SSL certs included!

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Fast. Reliable. Affordable. Join the thousands of individuals using Zehn for their deployments now!

One Domain

Link one repo and deploy to a domain

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Multiple Domains

Link up to 5 repos with 5 domains

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Force graph representation of the 2015 FIFA worldwide soccer corruption scandal visualizing how indicted parties were connected using cues such as color, line thickness, iconography to depict bribe type, amount and occurrence.

Make Quarantine Fun

Simple website with an abundance of suggestions for those who have copious amounts of downtime given the COVID-19 isolation times. Allows users to indicate participation as well as make suggestions.