Are primary focus is on the second CD here, because we want to facilitate rapid prototyping and demo'ing of your HTML/CSS/JS content. Got a website in GitHub? Come try us out! Sign in and start a build. You'll see your website up and running on our hosting infrastructure in no time!

Simplified Deployments

It's not enough for us to deploy and host your content. We need to make sure the process is easy and streamlined. Could it get easier than having your code auto-deploy once you push a commit to your repo? We didn't think so.

Purchase Domains

We even handle domain management for you. We'll purchase, link, renew, update your domain, set up SSL, and any other obscure things associated with domains (need a custom email, we'll take care of that too!). Once you've signed in and linked a build, send us an email at from your GitHub email address an we'll get started!


Our current plans include a single repo hosting plan as well as a multi-repo hosting plan.

For users looking to test out our platform and deployments, the single domain free plan is easy to set up and check out. You'll get your repo content up on our hosting platform in no time. You can reach out to us to get the domain integrated as well.

For users looking to deploy multiple repos on our platform, the multi-repo hosting plan is what you're looking for. This plan is currently in beta, so please shoot us an email at so we can get you started! The subscription service is currently at $5 / month.